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The latest edition of the Where and When was completed on 09/21/18. Always check the Where and When and group meeting times on the website to make sure you have the MOST RECENT information. Thanks.


Where and When 09-21-18


  • Nuevo Español Martes: 7: 30-9:00PM, Jueves: 7: 30-9:00PM, Viernes: 7: 30-9:00PM, Sábado: 7: 30-9:00PM. 
  • * New Spanish Group! 3113 Ivy Ave SW 35805 (Please see group page) Meetings : T,Th, F, Sat 7:30-9:00PM
  • New Decatur Group! Sunlight of the Spirit- located at the Church of the Good Shepherd 3809 Spring Ave. Decatur, AL 35603. See more info on their group page or the new Where and When.

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