PI/CPC Meets:

Time:   2:00 PM
Date:    Last Sunday of the month
Place:   Fellowship Group
3322 Memorial Pkwy SW #508
Huntsville, AL 35801

There are two primary functions of this committee

  • Public Information:
    • Provide literature to Libraries, Doctors Offices, Churches and other public places to make information widely available in the community
    • Setup information booths at conferences for counselors and other professionals.
    • Work with other service organizations to insure information on Alcoholics Anonymous is available to the community.
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community
    • Meet with Judges, Court Referral Officers and others in the Judicial System to give information about A. A
    • Insure that the Professional community understands what AA does and what AA does not do, our traditions and how our program of recovery works.
    • Place an emphasis on Singleness of Purpose by suggesting Open Meetings when it not definite that Alcohol is the problem.

Group PI/CPC representatives are urged to attend the monthly meeting. To be placed in contact with a PI/CPC Representative, please call the Central Office at (256) 885-0323.