This meeting is wheelchair accessible and non-smoking.

Meeting Times

Day Time
Sunday 8:00AM CD
10:00AM CD
Noon CD
5:30PM CD
8:00PM CD
Monday 8:00AM CD 12X12
Noon CD 12X12
5:30PM CD 12X12
8:00PM CD 12X12
Tuesday 8:00AM CD
Noon CD
5:30PM OD
8:00PM OD
Wednesday 8:00AM CD BB
Noon CD BB
5:30PM CD BB
8:00PM CD BB
Thursday 8:00AM CD
Noon CD
5:30PM CD
8:00PM CD
Friday 8:00AM CD
Noon OS
5:30PM CD
8:00PM OS , Last Friday Birthday Meeting
Saturday 10:00AM OD
Noon OD
5:30PM CD
8:00PM CD
CD – Closed Discussion (for those who think they have a problem with alcohol)
OD -Open Discussion (for anyone interested in the AA program)
12×12 – Twelve Steps & 12 Traditions Book Study
BB – Big Book Study
SS – Step Study
OS – Open Speaker (Open to the general public)