3322 Memorial Parkway S. W.
Building 600, Suite 603

Huntsville, Alabama 35801

(256) 885-0323

The Central Office for Huntsville provides a central location where services are provided that would be difficult for Groups to do individually.

Central Office Functions:

  1. Phone service for the District.- The phones are answered by volunteers. Questions about meetings, services an general information about AA is provided.
  2. 12th Step List – Central Office maintains a 12th Step calling list, by area, of individuals who are willing to follow up in person or on the phone.
  3. Purchase AA books, literature and mediallions for distribution and resale to AA groups and others.
  4. Publishes a monthly newsletter, the Beacon. The Beacon contains news of Group Activities and events in and around Huntsville.

Group conscience supervises Central Office through the Huntsville Intergroup.